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Natural Spa Chemicals Guide

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This detailed information guide tells you everything you need to know about switching from traditional spa chemicals to the Clear Choice's natural spa purifier and ongoing maintenance for your spa.


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Switching to the Clear Choice system

  1. Remove all spa filters.

  2. Open and centre all spa jet and air valves.

  3. Add Clear Choice Spa Prep as per directions to spa water.

  4. Let spa heat and circulate for the proper time period.

note: Spas may be used during this purge process, although spa water may become cloudy as the natural spa purifier works. Every 6 - 12 months do a complete water change following the directions on your Spa Prep bottle.

New or empty spas

  1. Fill spa with water (no hose Pre-filter needed) and follow directions above.

After purging spa

  1. Drain spa water.

  2. When water stops draining, turn spa power on.

  3. Run all spa jets for 5 seconds. This will blow out all the dirty water trapped in the spa plumbing. Do not walk away or leave spa jets or power on for any longer than a couple seconds, as you may damage your spa's mechanical equipment.

  4. Remove all remaining water and wipe spa dry, using a soft towel or sponge.

  5. Close spa drain.

  6. Reinstall clean spa filters.

Filling spa with fresh water

  1. Attach a new Clear Choice Pre-filter to a standard garden hose.

  2. Flush the Pre-filter for 1 minute before placing in spa.

  3. Fill spa with water. The Pre-filter acts as a natural spa purifier, unwanted metals and minerals from fresh water. Follow the same procedure when adding top off water to spa when needed.

  4. Replace used Pre-filter as indicated on label directions. Home water softeners: If you have a home unit, use the conditioned water along with the Pre-filter to fill 3/4 of the spa.

  5. Top off the spa water using only the Pre-filter (bypass your home water softener).

Adding Spa Drops

Follow dosage instructions as seen on the Clear Choice Spa Drops bottle.

Do not overdose

Although this product is a gentler alternative to spa chemicals, you still need to read the bottle label and measure carefully!

Filter & Sleeve Cleaning

  1. Weekly-rinse with high pressure water.

  2. Monthly-soak overnight in clean water and 3 cups of white vinegar.

  3. Rinse spa filters well with high pressure clean water before reinstalling in spa.

Cleaning spa cover

  1. Clean top and bottom of cover with a good household degreasing cleaner.

  2. Rinse well with clean water.


Clear Choice's organic spa products is are compatible with ozone units, but they are not required for this natural system to work.

pH and Alkalinity

Normally adjustments are not needed. Unlike traditional spa chemicals, the Clear Choice System will automatically settle water pH at 7.8 thru 8.2 and stabilize alkalinity. Your spa and skin are protected from damage by the water Pre-filter and special conditioning agents contained in the Spa Prep and One Step Spa Water Treatment.

Brand new tubs and new customers

New tubs and new customers who are switching from traditional spa chemicals should adjust and monitor pH for the first few weeks. Check and maintain a water pH of 7.6 for the first 2 months using pH test strips and any common pH down product available from your local pool and spa shop. After that period pH adjustments should not be necessary as you continue to use The Clear Choice System.

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